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« SSSProcess » fared in the techniques of electronic payment


Secure Services has developed a software for the manufacturing electronic payment system « E – Payment » which connects banks, banking and government institutions and national companies through a secure electronic environment that allows citizens to pay fees and dues and monthly bills resulting from them.

According to a press release from the company on Monday is characterized by a system that works to end the problem of the multiplicity of electronic payment systems , which rolled Jordanian companies to put an individual basis , its ability to provide a unified platform that can serve all companies and organizations with the ability to deal directly with the various bank accounts and credit cards , as opposed to systems of previous and the technical complexity and the limited uses that have prevented its success.

He said the company’s CEO , Dr. Alaa Ensheiwat that the company’s development of the system « E – Payment » came as an extension of the story of the success achieved by the system « payment » in Saudi Arabia , where he was able to provide high liquidity for corporate communications , water, electricity , customs , and other government and public institutions , and helped her to collect dues promptly and without safe to assume the burden of wages and traditional collection » .

He added that in addition to its ability to help companies and institutions to reduce the cost to run , the Gateway E – Payment of electronic provide citizens time, effort and money as well , since there is no longer a need to revise any of the affiliates to pay bills for basic services such as water , electricity , telephone, and other from fees and fines , as well as school fees and university , as they can through the gate and I – know the financial allocations to pay their dues and paid directly or installments of more than a bank account .

He called Ensheiwat responsible for the management of financial institutions and those in charge of e-government project and major national companies to form a joint council could consider the merits of the system and its ability to support the various departments and institutions and to meet the needs of the users of its services .

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