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Cairo Amman Bank Starts Operating BankPro e-platform


SSSProcess has completed a new phase of the automation procedures of Cairo Amman Bank (CAB). It has succeeded in applying its e-platform BankPro regarding real estate appraisers and transportation applications.

The BankPro platform aims to automate paper-based transactions, which include the majority of the internal procedures and functions of the banks. It also aims to provide all operational procedures that contribute to increasing work efficiency and promoting the principles of transparency and professionalism of the staff.

General Manager of the Cairo Amman Bank, Kamal Ghareeb Al-Bakri, said: “The banking products and services of CAB, some of which are exclusive, always require upgrading the internal production efficiency through the use of the latest technologies that save time and effort in paperwork rotation internally, enhance the professionalism of the staff and overcome any issues in order to complete the transaction as soon as possible.”

Al-Bakri pointed out that BankPro was part of a continuous and comprehensive internal professional development aiming to provide smart electronic platforms that distinguish CAB regarding the quality of customer-oriented services, and in order to improve the professionalism and efficiency of working staff that provide those services.

For his part, SSSProcess Chief Executive Officer Dr. Ala’a Ensheiwat said that the BankPro platform aimed to develop the internal working system of banks in order to upgrade and modernize it further through an integrated and coherent system of electronic procedures.

“The BankPro platform gives employees the possibility of completing all banking transactions quickly and efficiently. It also reduces the time, effort and the operational costs that are necessary to complete the internal transactions. This will ensure and maintain the sequence and smoothness of the administrative procedures.” Dr. Ensheiwat explained.

He said that the among the advantages of the new application, which had been implemented in several Saudi banks during the past six months, was its ability to modernize and develop the mechanisms of carrying out banking tasks in accordance with the rules and regulations of the internal work of the bank mechanism.

It also contributes to upgrading the efficiency of the staff and identifying work shortcomings without need to review paperwork transactions that requires a lot of time and effort, he added.

The BankPro application includes a range of templates and electronic applications needed by the banking work, such as requests of loans, real estate appraisers, travel, maintenance or procurement of equipment, checkbook, compliance and other banking services.

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