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SSSProcess attract Arab investment in millions of dollars


 Said CEO of Secure Services for the software industry Triple S «SSSProcess» Dr. Alaa Ensheiwat that the company has been able recently to attract investment ( divided between the two sums of money and projects ) from a global company Gulf and the acquisition of a share of the local company in order to expand its operations in the region .
 he said in an interview last Thursday that this new investment , which is estimated in the millions indicators and gives indications on the ability of Jordanian companies , expertise and human resources to attract and attracting foreign and Arab investments amid economic and political conditions prevailed in the region difficult .
  He said during the meeting that the company that moves its operations today 250 employees , most of them Jordanians , were able to attract this investment in millions of dinars in the form of money as investments and projects , from the Gulf company major works in the field of electronic payment , stressing the importance of this investment, which will announce the company officially within weeks in terms of expanding the company’s operations in the markets in which they operate and to develop the company’s products , which is characterized by the development of intellectual property and keep pace with advanced technology. He announced d . Ensheiwat for a new agreement concluded by the Company with the University « Dammam » Saudi Arabia , for implementing service « er correspondence » and convert all correspondence university paper to electronic University which is one of the largest universities Arabia , stressing the importance of this project, which holds the « 170 » in the company’s history of Jordan Saudi Arabia, which has succeeded over the past ten years to achieve success for the intervention of multiple markets in the Gulf Arab region and benefiting from the experiences of Jordanian human resources specialized in the field of e-government services and electronic payment .
 He said the company recently signed a contract for the implementation of this important project is implemented by the company from which the service « A correspondence » own during the period of the year for the University of Dammam, Saudi Arabia , as the service allows efficient handling of mail, incoming and outgoing , without the use of paper , including limiting the problems of losing transactions or e-mail and enhances automate and facilitate correspondence and search and daily communication and transformation of correspondence and paper to electronic transactions . He Ensheiwat to the importance of this agreement to the importance and the size of the University of Dammam documented service company that developed the expertise to be adopted by dozens of Jordanian Arab institutions for the management of electronic documents in the work environment . With regard to the rate of the IT sector locally and the challenges it faces , among d . Ensheiwat that the sector is currently suffering from the weakness of government support , and lack of clarity of lung as a result of the frequency in government decision-making and change , along with the instability of the regulatory environment affecting the sector , particularly the Income Tax Act, the latter , which raises the tax rate on corporate sector and individuals working in it .
 He called attention to the Ensheiwat government sector and contribute to the return momentum to him , especially in the field service sectors of the economy and government projects take actions on the principle of partnership , and to contribute to employment because of this sector depends on human resources deals in the Kingdom.
 He stressed that the company contributed through since it was founded in providing jobs directly for Jordanians , and pointed to the electronic payment system C4SADAD and developed by the company and is used widely in Saudi Arabia provides a platform to pay bills online through : ( bank branches , automated teller machines , Internet Services Banking and Services Payment via cell phone, and payment services through mobile short messages ) , where the company has succeeded in connecting more than 100 Saudi invoiced in the system « CNN immediately repay » «C4 Sadad».

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