Success Stories


Saudi Arabia Food and Drug Authority (SFDA)

الهيئة العامة للغذاء والدواء السعودية

The SFDA needed a system that would streamline their department and reduce routine inefficiencies that delayed the dissemination of important information. SSSProcess had exactly what they asked for, a solution that provides governmental staff with access to mail records and actions required on them, allowing a speedy and on-demand retrieval of information.

Saudi Arabia Ministry of Finance (MOF)

وزارة المالية السعودية

When the MOF needed help in connecting government billers to the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency and also in improving monitoring and auditing, SSSProcess was able to provide them with the right solution. SSSProcess implemented a system that connects the MOF and the governmental revenue generating organizations/agencies with SADAD system. It is anticipated that 22 governmental revenue generating organization will connect with SADAD through this project.

The Communications and Information Technology

هيئة الاتصالات وتقنية المعلومات

Managed services company safe for the software industry and the success of the launches portal to Market InitiativeComputing Saudi Arabia as well as to facilitate the payment of premiums through the phone, where the company has linkedsystem Saudi Telecom Company and internet service provider and the Ahli Bank and the providers of services and programs accredited in the initiative. Provided a portal integrated system to link the groups benefiting from the initiative of institutions and bodies concerned and coordinated proceedings from registration and funding and other stages of thepayment and receipt.

King Fahd Security College


SSSProcess succeeded in applying the system of Government Resource Planning (GRP) higher at King Fahd Security College. Contributed to the system to help the college to achieve a higher level of control over all of its operations more effectively and with the least possible time.

Royal Saudi Air Force

القوات الجوية الملكية السعودية

When faced Royal Saudi Air Force RSAF problem in here private, the service solutions for the safe management of trading e-mail, the most powerful options that have resorted to it. SSSProcess system is designed to manage e-mail to streamline the processes to deal with incoming and outgoing mail, as well as providing a reference point where recording incoming mail and scanned, and attributed to the committee or the department concerned.