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SSSProcess Connects the Ministry of Water with Mizan


SSSProcess, the software systems automation and e-government specialist, finished connecting the Ministry of Water with Mizan, the court case processing system of the Ministry of Justice.

With the new link, the legal department of the Ministry of Water can now keep track of their cases, sessions and legal judgments.

“The tie-in with Mizan will save time and effort in obtaining full, detailed information about any and all cases pertaining to the Ministry of Water, the Water Authority, and the Jordan Valley Authority,” said Dr. Alaa Ensheiwat, Chief Executive Officer of SSSProcess. “Now the legal departments of all these government agencies have instant access to information on law suits and check the courts where cases are being tried, the names of presiding judges, the dates, times, locations of court sessions, and the progress of each case.” Dr. Ensheiwat added.

The system can be accessed online so the governmental agencies may find all the needed information regarding their cases, accurately, efficiently and securely. C4Mizan, the cloud-based system provides statistical reports and charts, and streamlines litigation in ways that uphold the rights of institutions and individuals, while saving time and effort for members of the legal community.

According to Dr. Ensheiwat, the success of this tie-up would interest other ministries and national institutions in having access to the system, especially that C4Mizan was designed by SSSProcess to perfectly dovetail with the court system, making further tie-ins much quicker, more efficient and highly secure.

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